Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time after time

I'm wrapped up in a blanket, at my computer chair. I'm back. My luggage is still unpacked, somehow I'm not ready yet..I guess it's something us women can afford :)

Back at work today, the kids were sweet as usual. Most of the times they remind me how adults need attention and why. I shared candy to all the girls in the team, and was, once again, after mum, Razvan and other friends in the position to answer the question: How was it?

Words are picky, and sometimes not enough. I felt I came back from a far eastern part of Romania. I felt an instant connection to its people. I was absorbing stories and impressions, emotions and words with the thirst of a child or rather that of someone that is aware of it's bad memory and is trying to remember as much as he can.

So I started telling them about the warmth of the people, the hospitality, the history, bits of conversations like " We want to do something more but don't know how. We can do it too!", "I was out in the street when the language issue was out..we don't trust our political leaders anymore", " My grandpa and my grandma were separated....after some time, they met again, each with their families", " I now have Romanian citizenship!", " All my family is Russian", " My mum is Ukrainian and my dad is Moldavian", "I was born on the 4th of January on the way from Chisinau to Tiraspol", " Why doesn't Moldova have ambassadors? Can I be one?" (ambassadors for the P&G Pampers and shots campaign, "They (Russians) want to keep their influence on Transnistria because of its strategic position", "We started our own consultancy and translations business", "Hopefully, both Moldova and Ukraine will join EU and NATO", "Things are moving forward and a new generation will arise"..Part of the reason I liked it was because of it's diversity. Sure, diversity was and will be a reason for conflict, but all we need is tolerance and appreciation.

What amazed me more was AIESEC in Moldova. I can still remember Sergiu and Eugen at NPS, having lunch and connecting. There was very little of AIESEC in Moldova they could tell. Not the case nowadays though.

I was amazed of the professionalism of the conference team, the flexibility, and the impact. I was amazed by the hard work, dedication, beauty and originality of the OC and the greatest @song ever developed! I was amazed by the connections the delegates were making, by their maturity at certain points, by their view of the future. I have no doubt things are on the right track and the country will grow. If only at least 80% will walk the talk.

On my was home, this song was in my ears; Bits of words from the sugar cubes I received. Judging myself to see if I really deserved them; Thinking of my impact now and what more I can do. Thinking of values versus feelings / needs? and having the impressions of an unfinished conversation... Missing everyone, and the overall feeling of the conference. The magic of people brought together in the right context, the @spirit I was longing to reconnect to. Eagerly waiting to get home and open my condensed milk :P

I wish I had huge arms to hug the countries so tight there would be no borders. However it is, You will find me here whenever you will need.

Time after Time.