Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been told my postings are not so cheerful, so I decided to throw in a smile see what happens :)

Today exam no 5 was passed, heading for the other 7. Studying so much lately I am starting to be amazed of all the brain power I'm wasting everyday.

Days pass so quickly, I feel I have all the patience in the world. Except for days when time passes hard, when I live the same days or when the circles we spin in have no spiral perspectives.

Checking out Lev, I discovered the animation world magazine. There are some pretty cool videos to watch..if you have time.

So yeah, that's my piece of smile for today.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scaphandre ou papillon?

Butterflies float in the air
Like jellyfish in the sea
Elegant, fragile, docile,
They swirl,
In a dance of grace -
- a last minute prayer.

The butterflies choke me,
In a dance of death,
They fly insight my mouth
As if I was crippled,
As if I had nothing to say..
down my throat..
in my stomach..
knees and feet.

Take your butterflies home
I cough each one of them
and they fly back
As I breath my freedom.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thinking too much..being too little

There are some mysteries in life I just haven't yet figured out..I mean, you can always suspect reasons behind behaviors, but sometimes..some things.. I guess you just don't want to understand..

- people thinking too much of themselves
- people taking themselves too seriously
- people thinking just about themselves
- people hiding behind masks
- people pre - fabricating truths that don't exist
- people hoping where there is no hope left
- ...

and the list could go on.

I wish reason and feeling would call a truce and I could bring my dreams back home.