Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amongst the last hundred thoughts of the day.

Finished writing some mails and was randomly looking at IC 08 pictures. I found this one and smiled inside and out. I find it the perfect way to visualize the purpose of the organization. And it's not only about religion, social and ethnic respect and acceptance. It narrows down to ourselves, everything we have inside of us, and the way we should deal with it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My exact kind of art.

I randomly clicked on Theo's link and unexpectedly discovered some of the greatest graffiti I've ever seen. Satirical, witty and outspoken, just like the author, Banksy, a famous British graffiti artist, one of the most amazing contemporary artists world wide.

Theo went offline before I got to say anything, and I promised to myself next time I'll see her, I'll at least say hello. You can find more here.

Being Alive

Maira Kalman, incredibly talented and humorous, a living example of living, vs existing.

The search continues

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Latest Learnings

There has been a lot of time since I got a kick in the butt like that. It came due to Iashington, a great conference I truly recommend, and more precise from the sessions I attended on the Leadership track. It was a kick in the butt because it pushed me forward and it was exactly what I needed this period to understand myself.

I think the whole experience can be described by just one story. As I was coming home from the last session, I was thinking: "I needed this kind of event"...and also..."I wonder for how long I'll continue to feel so empowered and focused on the important things to me..I wonder when the next event will be.."

Then all of a sudden it struck me. " What am I thinking? That's not what I want. What I want is for everything to come from within me not from somewhere else. I can be the next Jim Bagnola, and I'm not talking about his public speaking skills, but about his ability to uplift himself and also the people around him. I want to be that type of person .."

It was so weird, because, For some time, I had things figured out. I had my own vision of the future, I knew what I wanted...but I was searching for external ways to get there. With all the leadership trainings and sessions I attended...with all the talks and the great people I have met during all these years...I guess I've never fully understood the importance of talking the walk instead of walking the talk.

Our continuous conscious choices for a better future don't start with huge things. they start with awareness to internal thoughts and their control. They start with deciding not to get upset, or changing a sentence in your mind, before you say it, so that it has a positive message, thus influencing a positive response.

This is it, I'm done with chasing for loads of changes in me. I only want to change this. ..it's not easy but it's really not that hard either.

Everything else will fall into place. I will have the impact I'm looking for in people's lives and society, I will bring positive change, I will make a difference.