Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bird in a cage

man: - You drive me to distraction, little bird, my mind flies away, from reality to dream. Your song makes me weak, but happy. If only I could understand the words..

bird: - My words are sad, but speak the truth. All these songs, I sing of you.

man: - Nonetheless, I don't need to understand. You brighten my room everyday, with your colorful little body, and your sparkly voice. You see and listen to me.

bird: - The things I wish to see are greater than these walls. Human pride is weak. The higher it goes up, the higher it falls.

man: - You probably listened to my thoughts aloud so many times. Time is our enemy and yet, time has brought us close.

bird: - Time ended when I was put in this cage. Time is a context. You can't blame time.

man: - You've been a quiet witness of so many things. You must know me better than anyone else now..

bird: - What I know is of no use. The best of me that I give you refuse.