Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Life in me

It's amazing to look back and remember everything. Of course sometime it's hard to keep track, with so many things going on.

What's more amazing though, is not necessarily the fact the you remember everything - some may not - but the fact that if you scan your whole being in terms of way of thinking, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, behaviors, abilities you can see the difference.

I'd probably take a lot of time to write everything I lived these past few weeks. But I'm sure everyone who really knows me could tell the difference. How I've discovered team members as individuals and friends (thank you Team :), how I reconfirmed I love what I'm doing and kept my motivation high, how some basic simple things as sharing how I think can lead to changes in people, what my priorities are, what I want to leave behind at the end of my term, why my role is nationally and globally, where and how I see myself in the future, what impact means and how you can measure it - thank you Lucian for reminding me :) - what happens to people who dream and act stepping out of comfort zones, which are the opportunities that would be suitable for me in the future, who are the most important people in my life and why!, how can I improve myself to perform, how great it feels to be appreciated, how personal life and AIESEC can go together (thank you Razvan :) , how great it is to take some time off, how I always keep connected to what i do and believe in although I'm taking time off, how people make places, how to leave places more beautiful than you found them - Thank you AIESEC Cluj! :) - how knowing where people come from and their past experiences explains behaviors and beliefs, how important is to keep close contact with your family otherwise hey will call the police or email all ur friends :P, and the list could go on and on.

This is why AIESEC people have so much Life in them. It's about comprised life time experiences and the impact they make on you. It's about a burning flame insight, that you could call whatever - Life, Change, Happiness, Fulfillment, etc.